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Google admits AI viral video was edited to look better

A video showcasing the capabilities of Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) model which seemed too good to be true might just be that.  

CSS Wrapped: 2023

Wow! 2023 was a huge year for CSS. From #Interop2023 to many new landings in the CSS and UI space that enable capabilities developers once thought impossible on the web platform

Preparing For Interaction To Next Paint, A New Web Core Vital

Starting in March 2024, Interaction to Next Paint will formally replace First Input Delay as a Core Web Vital metric. Learn how the two metrics differ, why we needed a new way to measure interaction responsiveness, and how you can start optimizing the performance of your site now for a seamless transition to the latest Core Web Vital metric.  

4 ways Canva is better than Photoshop

Photoshop is probably the best-known and best overall image editing program on the market. But we’ll tell you why Canva is still better.

ILT’s Favorite Fonts of 2023

To keep the list manageable, we’ve limited the list to twelve. Throughout 2023, there were many more great releases, that aren’t on this list, but rest assured, we’ll continue to highlight those in the coming weeks and months.

Design Tools Survey

Design has entered a new era, and so has the Design Tools Survey. We take a first look at how tools are evolving with the use of AI, which we’ll continue to watch year over year. We appreciate our community and their participation this year, as always! The raw data is freely available for download.

Evolving the infinite canvas

In the digital world, especially on the web, we’re used to things being stacked vertically. Scrolling, scrolling, through boxes of content…

Animaker AI – The future of AI animations

Built on patented technology, this award-winning tool generates lightning-fast animations with unparalleled accuracy and precision.

Inspirational Websites Roundup #53

Uncover a collection of recently discovered websites that showcase exceptional design.

Discord fixes major design complaint with new mobile layout as it finally launches

In early 2023, Discord users began discovering a hidden Easter Egg in the mobile app that enabled a brand new, fully redesigned layout…

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