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Hexagon Pattern Generator

Generate beautiful patterns based on the symmetry of six

The Best Programming Languages for Building Games

So, which programming languages are best for game development? It depends on the type of game you want to develop. For example, if you want to develop a 2D platformer, you might want to use a language like Lua and even JavaScript. But if y

Wellbeing-centred design

There seems to be a growing (and healthy) trend to actively question the models and methods we use as Designers. There’s also been some scepticism about the role Designers (with a capital ‘D’) play in the micro-decisions that make up our experience of the modern world.

Good UI/UX designers know most of these 7 isometric figma plugins

Isometric design is a popular direction in UI design. It’s a method of drawing/creating a three-dimensional object in two dimensions.

Ezytor – Easy website editor for developers

Ezytor is a simple, easy, and powerful website editor with all the elements you need to create a stunning website in just a few minutes.

A complete guide to iconography

Icons are a crucial part of any design system or product experience. Icons help us quickly navigate. They are language-independent. And best of all: they’re real tiny, so they don’t take up very much real estate. Icons are a fundamental part of a good design syste

The peculiar case of japanese web design

While the nation is known abroad for minimalist lifestyles, their websites are oddly maximalist. The pages feature a variety of bright colours (breaking the 3 colour design principle), small images, and a lot of text. Just see for yourself with these screenshots taken in November 2022.

Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (November 2022)

In this edition, we have several JavaScript libraries, some learning resources to level up your skills, and a couple of Deno-based tools.

20+ Designers I Follow on Instagram

I am sharing some of the designers I follow who have taught me many things about UX and UI design. Follow them to learn more about UX design.

There’s no fame in the design game

We spend a lot of time in design school studying the history of our profession and digging into the portfolios of successful designers from the past. The people that defined and shaped the early design landscape.

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