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A brand is more than a logo or word-mark

At the same time, I’ve noticed a streak of designers pushing back against what’s perceived as the homogenization and modernization of design, whether it’s word-marks, logos, cars, or park-benches.

Snapchat’s trippy new brand campaign aims to answer the question: What is Snapchat for?

Complete with AR integration, ‘Wait’ll You See This’ is meant to spark conversations around the ‘best known, least understood’ social app.

How to use surveys in design research – Pitfalls and benefits

Surveys. We love them or we love to hate them. Why are they so divisive? Well, it is a fact that it would be hard to find a more misused UX research method than surveys.

Introducing the Adobe Photoshop APIs

Developers who want to try out the APIs have a few different ways. They can test things out using a free trial (up to five thousand calls), subscribe via AWS, or contact us for an Enterprise contract.

Better ROI For Your Digital Products: Why Continuous Research Is Key

57% of product professionals say that product research has a positive effect on customer satisfaction. 42% agree that it affects profitability. Imagine how much more successful your product would be if you did research continuously?  

10 Best AI Art Generators & Tools in 2023

These tools use machine learning to create and feed artificial intelligence to power up a tool capable of putting out “creative” and unique artworks that are just as good, or perhaps even better, than a human being.

Shutterstock rolls out a generative AI toolkit to create images based on text prompts

When Shutterstock and OpenAI announced a partnership to help develop OpenAI’s Dall-E 2 artificial intelligence image-generating platform with Shutterstock libraries to train and feed the algorithm, the stock photo and media giant also hinted that it would soon be bringing its own generative AI tools to users.

Windows 11’s File Explorer is getting a modern UI overhaul

Microsoft is reportedly working on a big update to File Explorer that will deeply integrate OneDrive and Microsoft 365.

How To Build an App Like Netflix?

In this article, we take you through a business model and process of building a video streaming app like Netflix.

WhatsApp releases its native macOS client in public beta

WhatsApp has released its native macOS app compatible with Apple Silicon in a public beta. Users running Mac with Apple’s own chip with macOS 11 Big Sur or newer version will be able to download the test version. Plus, people with Intel Macs that can run apps built with Apple Catalyst — the company’s program to port iPadPOSwill be able to use this native app —too.

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