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Is Google Slowly Dying?

I feel like Google’s search result quality has been steadily declining since at least five years, and from what I’m reading both on HN and on other platforms, people feel the same.

Did OpenAI just have its ‘App Store’ moment?

OpenAI’s plugins could represent the second major phase in the rise of AI chatbots.

OpenAI Extends ChatGPT with Plugins, Including a Browser

This announcement will send shivers down the spine of giants like Google, who have just released Bard to US and UK users. In fact, I don’t think anyone expected OpenAI to do this so soon, which might also indicate that they had been working on adding Plugins support for quite some time already.

GitHub Copilot Adapts to GPT-4: A Breakdown of the New Features

Developers will now be able to rely on GitHub Copilot Chat, a chat interface that allows them to take advantage of GPT-4’s advanced technology.

Opera adds ChatGPT and AI prompts into its browser

The browser maker also plans to develop its own GPT-based browser AI engine.

GitHub’s Copilot goes beyond code completion, adds a chat mode and more

GitHub is announcing its Copilot X initiative today, an extension of its work on its popular Copilot code completion tool, which originally launched into preview all the way back in 2021.

You can now try Microsoft Loop, a Notion competitor with futuristic Office documents

Microsoft’s Notion competitor has futuristic Lego-like Office documents and its AI-powered Copilot assistant.

Don’t have a pet? Lee Sangsoo’s swirly sculptures are the next best thing

Cats, dogs, parrots and more; the artist’s work shows the awe-inspiring physicality of animals.

We invite you to generate unique Coca-Cola artwork with DALL-E and GPT-4.

Create an account or login in to your existing account. Then, select a piece of art from the wide range of Coca-Cola imagery in our gallery.

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