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Legally Boost YouTube Views and Get New Subs Sponsored

Get 10% off any campaigns on Prodvigate with code FF97BDFDEF. Official Google Partner. Trusted by over 14k YouTube creators and agencies. Start your campaign today!

How To Create an Entire Website Using AI: A Step-by-Step Guide

No-code tools are not meant to replace developers; they were created to empower non-technical founders to bring their ideas to life.

Canva Docs’s AI text generator is a great writing tool

Launched in December, it’s already more versatile than Google Docs, Word and other traditional writing tools.

How to make an excellent presentation to a UI/UX designer?

Very few designers devote as much time to the presentation as it takes to get the team or the client excited about their ideas. So I put together the recommendations that help me make quality presentations.

Explore the world’s searches with the new Google Trends

With spring cleaning trends on our minds, we’ve refreshed the Search Trends site, making it easier to explore what’s trending around you and across the world.

How Are Computer Programming Languages Created?

There are many programming languages in use today (over 700), each with its own syntax and structure.

Inspiring Web Design And UX Showcases

Do you sometimes feel that all websites look the same? In this post, we compiled web design showcases that prove differently. They highlight some of the finest web designs, well-crafted experiences, and delightful interactions from across the web. Inspiration is guaranteed.

Exciting New Tools for Designers, March 2023

This month’s edition of Exciting New Tools for Designers and Developers focuses on getting work done smarter.

New in Chrome 111

Creating smooth transitions on the web is a complex task. The View Transitions API is here to make the creation of polished transitions simpler by snapshotting views and allowing the DOM to change without any overlap between states.

Type designer Zin Nagao wants to prove just how fun letters can be

From having never touched letters to rapidly becoming an expert typographer, the Japanese designer’s journey is a lesson in perseverance.

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