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Font agreements are messy

This instalment of Creative Monologue has some irony, as I raise the question about tinkering font agreements non-exploitatively. Unlike breaking design rules for innovation, how do we not break moral codes when it comes to font usage?

Midjourney vs Dalle: what’s the best AI for UI Design?

Yes, emerging technology known as text-to-image (T2I) AI can create images from words. This means an AI can attempt to produce UI work if we prompt it properly. And at the very least, it can produce inspiration for our work.

CLI Productivity Tool Powered by OpenAI

A command-line interface productivity tool for developers powered by OpenAI’s Chat GPT-3, will help you accomplish your tasks faster and more efficiently. Forget about cheat sheets and notes, with this tool you can get answers right in your terminal.

Collective #749

With its amazing background animation and sharp typography, Crosswire will capture any designer’s heart.

Internet Is Beautiful

Discover the most interesting, useful and awesome websites from the depths of the internet.

Type Trends 2023

Our lives and our design work are constantly in motion. This report is an opportunity for reflection and projection, a pit-stop along the way, to help you charge up and plan for the year ahead.

Substack introduces ‘private Substacks’ that readers can request to subscribe to

Newsletter platform Substack announced today that it’s introducing several new features, including private Substacks. A private Substack is a publication that you can host alone or readers can request to subscribe to read your posts. Writers can choose to approve or decline each subscription request.

7 Essential Notion Templates for Product Designers

Templates are one of the key features that Notion offers. Here are top 7 freeNotion templates that can be useful for product designers.

10+ Best Tools & Resources for Web Designers in 2023

This article highlights the top tools and resources for web designers in 2023 to help improve productivity.

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