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Google Maps has become an eyesore. 5 examples of how the app has lost its way

Here are the five main reasons Google Maps has become a cluttered, frustrating mess—and why I find myself turning to Apple Maps more often.

Exciting New Tools for Designers, August 2023

Even the most extensive toolbox needs a refresh from time to time, so we’ve rounded up a selection of new tools for you to try.

Mozilla Introduces AI Help (Beta): Your Companion for Web Development

The aim? To streamline your interaction with our website and get you back to coding faster, equipped with the insights you were looking for. We’re excited for you to try AI Help and look forward to your feedback on this new feature!  

Collective #776

A cool futuristic design with so many interesting details and animations that will make you enjoy every bit you scroll.

Mailchimp launches exhibition all about email

Email is Dead will include inflatable displays, time capsules and an personality test that uncovers just what sort of emailer you really are.

From Aptos to Helvetica—here’s how fonts get their unusual names

Naming a font is not unlike naming a child. It requires equal parts strategy and intuition.

LinkedIn is testing Microsoft’s AI art generator to design your posts. Here’s how it works

Microsoft Designer, a Canva competitor, will allow users to generate unique visual posts right on LinkedIn.

On-Scroll Perspective Grid Animations

In the past couple of weeks we have been exploring a lot of scroll-based animations. Especially layouts with images are super interesting when changed on scroll. Today I’d like to share yet another on-scroll exploration with you and this time, we add another dimension! It is inspired by the 3D grid animation seen on Inflection designed by Obys.

11 Best Video Editing Apps in 2023

Ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of video editing options available to you? You’re not alone: beginners demand simplicity, professionals crave advanced features, and businesses need budget-friendly apps.

Adobe Developers Updates: New Features for Adobe Express and Adobe Creative Cloud

Our two-day virtual conference last month brought together Adobe teams and imaginative developers to discuss priorities, trends and future plans. So what’s on the horizon?

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