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If you’d bought Apple shares instead of iPhones, you’d now have $147,000

There is a tweet floating around saying that if you had bought Apple shares instead of an iPhone every time they came out, you’d have hundreds of millions of dollars. That is true, but only if you were clairvoyant in 2007, and knew when Apple would be launching phones, and at which price.  

The Zoom alternative you probably haven’t heard of

I first encountered Whereby in 2020 right when the pandemic hit, as I was working with a small startup that explored the video space.  

Ford Quietly Unveils New Logo On 2024 F-150

Most people probably won’t notice, but the Blue Oval is indeed different than before.

Johnson & Johnson is getting rid of its script logo after more than 130 years

Johnson & Johnson is signing off on a new logo. The health care giant said Thursday that it will replace the well-known signature script it has used since 1887 with a modern look that reflects its sharpened focus on pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Coca-Cola embraces controversial AI image generator with new “Y3000” flavor

Coca-Cola has taken a fizzy leap into the future of AI hype with the release of Coca‑Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar, a “limited-edition” beverage reportedly co-created with artificial intelligence. Its futuristic name evokes flavor in the year 3000 (still 977 years away), but its marketing relies on AI-generated imagery from 2023—courtesy of the controversial image synthesis model Stable Diffusion.

Design for meaningful outcomes

Aim for quality outcomes, not just outputs — that’s how we can drive customer and business value!

Grocery UX: Dynamically Update the “Add to Cart” Button

During Baymard’s large-scale grocery testing, as participants explored different food categories and added products to the cart, they would sometimes lose track of what they had already added to the cart. As a result, users in the product list will be forced to visit the cartagain and again in order to confirm items that have been added, adding significantly to the time it takes to complete the order, and introducing the…

9 new revelations about Elon Musk from Walter Isaacson’s biography

The explosive new book sheds new light on Musk’s tumultuous tenure at Twitter, and offers some eye-popping details about his personal life.

The cult of productivity

Is the decline of elitism of creativity inevitable?

TikTok Officially Launches In-App Shopping Feature

TikTok opened its shop feature to all users after testing the option in November of last year.

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