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Ideal Vs practical design process. Which one to choose, when and why?

Here are some scenarios and preferred design processes to consider…

I tried Photoshop’s new generative AI tools. They’re not going to steal your design job—yet

Adobe’s Firefly Photoshop integration has a few useful features that will make creatives’ lives easier, but it still has a long way to go.

Practical Design Tips And Guidelines For Beginner Designers

It’s easy for beginner designers to get overwhelmed and lose confidence when creating presentations, landing pages, app and web design mockups, and even cards. Laurent Baumann shares a few simple guidelines and practical tips to help you in such situations.

Creatives share their advice on how to navigate the industry as an introvert

We chat to a psychologist and three creatives about the pros and cons of being introverted, how they balance it with work, and the advice they can give for those looking to network and build their careers.  

UI & UX Designer Salaries: How Much Can I Earn in 2023?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that jobs for UI UX designers will grow 23% from 2021 to 2031 – much faster than other occupations. This definitely means more opportunities in the UI/UX domain.

Apple Is Trying to Compete With Adobe’s Creative Cloud Dominance

By pricing its popular pro-level apps with a reasonable monthly subscription model on the iPad, the company could set the stage for new generations of users that might feel priced out by Adobe. ES

Cascading Components: a different way to organize Figma variants

An experiment on component organization.

Microsoft Loop and the Future of Collaborative Experiences

The design thinking and user research that turned into Microsoft Loop

Google Unveils Plan to Demolish the Journalism Industry Using AI

This could change everything.

Web Designer Teaches Rich Woman A Lesson After She Thought She Could Just Get Away Without Paying

Here you’ll find a story that the designer recently shared on the Malicious Compliance subreddit, detailing how he decided to respond when he wasn’t compensated for building the site.

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