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Learn how to speak a new language like a local with Babbel Sponsored

Babbel is the top language-learning app that helps users start speaking a new tongue in just three weeks. That’s because Babbel goes far beyond just vocabulary; it’s about preparing to have real-life exchanges with locals through lessons. Take up to 55% off when you start your language learning journey today.

5 reasons why user testing is non-negotiable in 2023

User testing is non-negotiable in 2023. It’s easy to get caught up in our own assumptions about what users want when we create a product.

ChatGPT Prompts Examples for Web Designers

This page features a curated collection of ChatGPT prompts, each designed to inspire and challenge web designers to think outside the box and push the boundaries of their skills.

ChatGPT Famous Resumes

This project is based on resume content prompting of ChatGPT. No modifications are done to the final result and the whole resumes are fully AI-generated, using a JSON framework standard for resumes. All resumes are editable.

Easy SVG Customization And Animation: A Practical Guide

Developers often feel discouraged from editing SVG markup and experimenting with SVG animations, thinking it’s a significant time investment or they need to use a complex animation library to do so. In this article, Adrian showcases his favorite tricks, which make the process streamlined and fun.

Design is about experience: 7 UX trends to be aware of

Once again, design is responsible for both how the product looks, i.e. UI, and how it feels when used, i.e. UX. The structure and logic dictate how we perceive the product and whether we enjoy using it or not.

Case Study: Nonconventional Show. Website Design for Interview Podcast

The new design case study is up, and this time it’s literally uncommon and non-conventional. Welcome to check the design story behind the bright, expressive, and daring website created by tubik designers for Nonconventional Show.

Font agreements are messy

This instalment of Creative Monologue has some irony, as I raise the question about tinkering font agreements non-exploitatively. Unlike breaking design rules for innovation, how do we not break moral codes when it comes to font usage?

The future of design will be ‘collaborative chaos’

Figma’s Yuhki Yamashita shares his vision of the future of design.

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