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What is Apple’s play in AI?

While it’s unlikely Apple will attempt to make a generic large language model AI system like ChatGPT or Google Bard, the company may instead focus on an AI language model built with its intimate knowledge of its customers.

Google: Speed Trap

Google promised to create a better, faster web for media companies with a new standard called AMP. In the end, it ruined the trust publishers had in the internet giant.

Apple brings Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro to iPad

Pro apps introduce powerful features designed for iPad to deliver the ultimate mobile studio for video and music creators  

5 ways to use Google Docs’ new AI

Google Docs’ AI is handy to have AI text generation and editing inside Docs, but it’s not yet nearly as powerful or useful as alternatives like ChatGPT or Lex.

How I used Midjourney to design a brand identity

Learn one of the ways in which AI has elevated my design work.

AI can now set (almost) perfect typography

AI creates typography, perfects the product shot, and captures time and space.

Welcome back to Google Design

We are relaunching Google Design at a turning point for the industry, when the advent of AI technologies brings about feelings of uncertainty, but also opens up new possibilities for a shift in the way we work.

25 years ago, we met the Mac that changed everything

On May 6, 1998, Apple introduced the iMac. And the rest is history.

WordPress Explores AI Integration

Discussions begin on role of artificial intelligence and the WordPress core

The Growing Need For Effective Password Management

Password management is a critical aspect of any company’s security infrastructure. With an increasing number of platforms, applications, and services requiring authentication, managing passwords and access rights has become a challenge for system administrators.

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