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Google, Meta, and Amazon’s next frontier: AI-generated ads

Internal documents viewed by CNBC also indicate that Google could use AI to help YouTubers, too.

WordPress 6.2.1 Update Breaks Shortcode Support in Block Templates

A support forum thread tracking the broken shortcodes issue shows that this change impacts how plugins display things like breadcrumbs, newsletter signup forms, WPForms, Metaslider, bbPress content, and more. The problem affects template blocks, not sites that are using non-FSE themes.

The internet’s memory is fading in front of us…

Elsewhere on the internet, a brigade of digital archivists and historians were preparing for what feels like yet another extinction-level event.

When it comes to AI, will we learn from past mistakes?

This week we saw the D.C. debut of perhaps the most important person in AI today, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. The question is, will Congress actually regulate AI?

Adobe Premiere Pro update lets you edit videos like it’s a word doc

Premiere Pro update lets anyone and everyone build a rough cut

Design Patterns Are A Better Way To Collaborate On Your Design System

Building design patterns first is a better way to work. It unblocks people to work in parallel, keeps people synced up, and results in reusable modules that speed up your next project.

Apple Is Trying to Compete With Adobe’s Creative Cloud Dominance

By pricing its popular pro-level apps with a reasonable monthly subscription model on the iPad, the company could set the stage for new generations of users that might feel priced out by Adobe. ES

A new code is ready to be cracked atop Adobe’s HQ. Can you solve it?

A new code is ready to be cracked atop Adobe’s headquarters.

This WordPress plugin for Elementor leaves websites vulnerable to hackers

Update your plugin ASAP to close this security flaw that allows hackers take over vulnerable websites.

Google Unveils Plan to Demolish the Journalism Industry Using AI

This could change everything.

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