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How Many Users Does ChatGPT Have? 78+ ChatGPT Stats

In this article, we’ll explore all the latest statistics you’d want to know about, including details from recent studies, number of users, growth, and estimated revenue.

Decoding the future: the evolution of intelligent interfaces

What happens when we move beyond our screens and unleash computing power, the internet, and AI into the real world? It starts to get interesting.

I Just Tried Photoshop’s New AI Tool. It Makes Photos Creative, Funny, or Unreal

Adobe’s Firefly generative AI tool offers a new way to fiddle with photos. Expect a lot of fun and fakery.

5 essential Gmail features that Google forgot to tell you about

Gmail has so many useful features that some of them go unnoticed. Here’s a handful that you’ll wish you’d known about ages ago.

Adobe brings Generative AI to Photoshop

Branding assets and original imagery is now just a text instruction away in the world’s leading imaging application.

Mimestream is the Mac app every Gmail user needs

It’s not an email app; it’s a Gmail app. And as long as you use Gmail and a Mac, that’s really great news.

WordPress Offers Two Very Different Paths: That’s a Good Thing

Do we go with a battle-tested classic theme or opt for a newfangled block theme? Do we embrace the Block Editor or stick with the trusty Classic flavor?

Google’s AI Search Could Mean Radical Changes for Your Internet Experience

At Google I/O, the company unveiled an experimental version of Search that integrates AI-generated responses. Will it break the balance of the internet?

WordPress 6.2.2 Restores Shortcode Support in Block Templates, Fixes Security Issue

WordPress 6.2.2 was released early this morning as a rapid follow-up to 6.2.1, which introduced a bug that broke shortcode support in block templates.

Apple Warns Employees to Stay Away From ChatGPT While It Builds Its Own AI

Internal documents show that Apple also forbids employees from using Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot tool, an AI code-writing software.

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