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Users are smarter than you think

Anyone who has remotely worked in the digital product landscape must have heard some version of the phrase “design for stupid users.” On calls, in meetings and in our daily conversations — the idea of simplicity is propagated using dumbed-down phrases like these. But what does it mean to design for ‘dumb’ users and is it worth following this flavour of product design?

Ultimate ChatGPT cheatsheet for UX UI Designers: No Bullshit

AI won’t replace designers, but designers who use AI will replace those who don’t.

5 Tips for Detecting an Image Generated by AI

While some users may try to hide that an image was generated using AI, others are honest and indicate the real source of their image. Sometimes the purpose of using AI image generators is to demonstrate the tool’s performance, in which case it is necessary to indicate on which software the image was produced.

Is Google Slowly Dying?

I feel like Google’s search result quality has been steadily declining since at least five years, and from what I’m reading both on HN and on other platforms, people feel the same.

Did OpenAI just have its ‘App Store’ moment?

OpenAI’s plugins could represent the second major phase in the rise of AI chatbots.

These I love NY logo memes are the best yet

A few derisive reactions to the new design shouldn’t have surprised anyone, but they might not have expected quite so many memes.

OpenAI Extends ChatGPT with Plugins, Including a Browser

This announcement will send shivers down the spine of giants like Google, who have just released Bard to US and UK users. In fact, I don’t think anyone expected OpenAI to do this so soon, which might also indicate that they had been working on adding Plugins support for quite some time already.

Grey is the new black: a study on progress bars

Turning bar charts into progress bars

New Yorkers Threw A Tantrum Over The New “We❤️NYC” Logo— Are Their Feelings Valid?

The new We❤️NYC logo shocked the internet, is the reaction just a sign of the times? Does the new logo better represent New York and its people? Do people dislike it because it’s an unexpected change, or because it actually isn’t a good design?

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